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Southern Indiana FAQs

Southern Indiana FAQs

We appreciate your desire to learn more about Southern Indiana Rescue Mission!

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Where will Southern Indiana Rescue Mission be located?

We are located at 229 Walnut Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana – on the corner of Walnut and East Chestnut. Our building includes the old First Christian Church along with an adjoining schoolhouse. The church is zoned Institutional Use, permitting use as a community center and church, while the schoolhouse is zoned Neighborhood Commercial to house professional offices as well as a small-scale commercial enterprise (Thrift ‘n’ Thrive).

When will Southern Indiana Rescue Mission open for services?

We desire to open for services in 2017. Our team is excited to be developing even more partnerships in Southern Indiana in the intervening time.

Will local residents and businesses be hurt by a nearby organization serving the poor?

No. The neighbors of our Louisville location will tell you that our presence has not had a measurable, negative impact on the surrounding residents and businesses. In fact, the thriving NuLu district has developed around us despite close proximity to the Mission.

While our Louisville location does see a moderate volume of foot traffic, we actively enforce zero tolerance of loitering, crime, and other public nuisances. These high standards will be in place at our Jeffersonville location, as well. Nearly 30 security cameras have been installed around the interior and exterior of our building to ensure compliance.

We strive to be good neighbors and seek the welfare of our entire community – not just those who are homeless and hurting. We hope to earn your trust as we respond to any concerns local residents and business owners may have.

Do we really need a rescue mission in Southern Indiana?

Yes. Our team was excited to see last year’s release of Vision 2025: A Strategic Plan to End Homelessness in Clark and Floyd Counties because it confirmed our many years of on-the-ground experience.

In Vision 2025, experts from the City of Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission, Jeffersonville City Council, and Indiana University Southeast concluded that ending homelessness will require a host of effective, integrated services. Southern Indiana Rescue Mission is prepared to help fulfill the recommendations of Vision 2025 – both by filling in gaps in services and by meeting Vision 2025’s priority need for a possible site to host centralized client intake.

We are poised to help Jeffersonville serve not just the homeless, but all those who are hurting and facing hardship. We wholeheartedly believe that “when our communities shift from reacting to homelessness and its causes, then our communities benefit from healthier residents, stronger economies with a higher quality of life, and savings in public spending” (Vision 2025). As we establish ourselves and better understand the needs of the community, we look forward to launching new, gospel-centered programs that lead to life transformation, improved outcomes, and a better community.

How will an organization from Louisville be effective in Southern Indiana?

Approximately half of Louisville Rescue Mission’s staff resides in Clark County while one-third of our board members live in Southern Indiana – three in Clark County, specifically. Like you, we’re concerned about the local increases in poverty that are placing additional demands on our municipal and county governments. As a team, we possess an enduring commitment to bring hope, compassion, and transformation to the hurting by offering services that improve the overall vitality, economy, and comprehensive social landscape of our community.

What approach does Southern Indiana Rescue Mission take to helping the hurting?

Our approach to ministry is centered around our core values: community, transformation, Christ. By Community, we mean to provide the homeless and hurting with friendship, unconditional love, and support. By Transformation, we mean to provide people with the opportunities, healing, and renewal that all need. By Christ, we mean that Jesus Christ is the source of all eternal hope, purpose, love, and life. Our vision is to see lives transformed by Christ, to equip individuals for sustainable living, and to make disciples connected with and serving through the local church.

Are you working with any other organizations who support what you’re doing?

Yes, we're working with a number of local residents, businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations that are supportive of Southern Indiana Rescue Mission. We invite you to take some time to hear directly from just a few of these partners. Want to add your name to the list? Please email your letter of support to Hillary Bullock.

How will Southern Indiana Rescue Mission continue to be affiliated with Louisville Rescue Mission?

Southern Indiana Rescue Mission and Louisville Rescue Mission are assumed business names of Jefferson Street Baptist Center, Inc. Both rescue missions will be lead by one board of directors. To reduce overhead expenses, all executive leadership positions and some additional staff members will serve both rescue missions; other staff will focus exclusively on the Southern Indiana location.